Two Briskets for Easter


20 and 22 lb choice briskets. Trimmed to about 16 and 18 lbs. Also threw on a turkey breast. They were moist, tender and tasty.

24 hrs before cook, trimmed and seasoned liberally with 50/50 kosher salt ND pepper blend. Back in refrig. 9am - started cook fat side down at 185 with smoke tube and loaf pan of water for 3 hrs 12pm. Cranked up to 225. 9pm IT is 140. 6am it finally hit 160. Wrapped and returned to grill. Raised temp to 290 after remembering my T runs 20 degrees low. It's been cooking 22 hours now. 7am IT was 185. 8am IT hit 203-205. Both were soft when poked. Removed and wrapped in saran wrap then towel. Placed in cooler. Will rest for 4-5 hours. Total cook time 23 hours.

(April 14, 2022)