Thanksgiving Brisket

Matthew Sherman

Got a 20lb prime brisket from HEB. Trimmed it up, salt and pepper. Put it on the smoker at 7:35. Checked at the 3 hr mark (10:35), spritzed with apple cider vinegar. 72F. 114F 5 hrs into the cook (12:35). Brisket stalled around 4:30am. Increased temp to 275F. At 5:45am brisket hit 170F. At this point, pulled and wrapped. Decreased temp to 225F. Pulled brisket at 8:45 and let rest for 1 hour. After resting through it into a cooler (around 9:45am) wrapped in a towel to keep warm until 1:00pm or so.

Salt, pepper

73/61°F - Partly cloudy throughout the day. (November 24, 2021 - League City, TX, USA)