Tacos al Pastor

Nathan Kramer

I should have smoked the pork another hour or so. The stall lasted longer than i expected. Seemed like it stalled again about 190. Wrapped in butcher paper at 190 and them temp began to fall. Fire management was tough. Wind was blowing in the wrong direction.

4# Pork Butt rubbed with yellow mustard and seasoned with Salt Lick Seasoning. Smoked 8 hours around 250 Sauce was made with garlic And jalepenos sauteed. Added pineapple juice and Achiote paste. Cooke down and blend. Chop pineapple and white onions add cilantro salt and peeper and marinate. Rest pork for 1-2 hours. Chop pork and add pineaple salsa add to blended sauce and serve with fresh onion cilantro and corn tortillas.

95/74°F - Clear throughout the day. (July 25, 2020 - Midland, TX, USA)