First Brisket

Matthew Sherman

Started at 5am, internal temp 43F. 250F on smoker. 12.5lb brisket. 80F, 98% humidity outside. 130F @ 7:45am. 9:00am, 152F. Turned temp up to 275F. 10:10am, 165F. 11:00am, 175F. Wrapped. Dropped temp to 225F. 2:30pm, pulled to rest. Came off at 204F. Bark could be a bit darker. This comes down to the size of the brisket. 12.5lbs cooks faster than 20lbs obviously.

Franklin’s recipe, salt and pepper.

95/79°F - Humid and partly cloudy throughout the day. (July 2, 2020 - League City, TX, USA)