Smoked Corn Beef


BBQ Notes 14 June Brisket 8#s, corned 5 days, soaked 8 hrs Divided in two Rub: coriander, pepper, Montreal steak, garlic pwdr, onion pwdr, mustard pwdr Sat over night covered in fridge Removed 45 min prior to smoking Hickory/cherry pellet mix Started on bottom two racks then moved to middle two First hour saw RAPID rise in temp to 185 on lower brisket. Fat had ignited the pellets. Removed smoke tube to extinguish fire and refilled with cherry pellets Put smoke tube back in. Used same rack as lower brisket this time. Instead of rack below. Temp of lower brisket now indicated 168. Upper brisket (thinner) stall at 145-150 Refilled smoke tube at 4.5 hours with cherry wood. Temp holding at 215-235 Upper brisket 165/ Lower brisket 175 Wrapped in foil at 180 and 195 respectively Removed and probe check at 205 and 220. Resting in cooler

(June 14, 2020)